Siena and its area represent the Tuscan soul, the most diffuse image of this land, with its landscapes, its sweet hills, the cypresses, its gullies. We are in the hearth of Italy, from here it’s possible to join with daily excursions Firenze, Lucca, Pisa, Venezia, Bologna, Roma, Verona, Napoli, Cinque Terre, Assisi, and the Tuscan Islands all achievable less than 4 hours.
Our proposal is indeed to choose Siena and its province as basis for a visit of most interesting Itlay places
Siena and its area are in the geographical centre of Italy, a position that allows, just by a daily trip, most of the attractive places in our country. A so good possibility proposes Siena as an ideal base to visit Tuscany but also all Italy without any change of accommodation, staying in the more suggestive and authentic Tuscany.

To the south-west of Siena, in the upper basin of the Ombrone, there is a wide territorial strip characterised by the presense of innumerable minuscule summits of white or yellowish clay, often found amidst deep chasm or dug into frail crests. It is the region of Crete Senesi: a constantly changing landscape in the alternating succession of the seasons, thanks to incessant erosive phenomena. These hills become green in spring due to the recent wheat seedings and grow purple in summer with flowering dense sulla clover. These panoramas inspired the backgrounds of the panels and frescoes of the most prestigious Sienese painters of the past.

In this area there are three villages: Asciano, Rapolano Terme, Serre di Rapolano.

Asciano, the greater village, is proud to be called il paese del garbo (the town of kindness) because of an historical happening. Everything happened in September 1260; Florence threatened Siena with a big army and it asked the surrender in exchange of not destroying it. The Sienese people, for not to loose the freedom decided to counter-attack. They asked help to the castles and the villages most faithful to the Republic. The Ascianese people rushed quickly and his contribution for his victory was so determinant to deserve the call the appellation of the “ascianese polite”. The courtesy, this kindness we put at your disposal to make your stay in Terra di Siena, the more comfortable as possible.

Rapolano, is important above all because of spa. The Italian hero Garibaldi was cared here after the plague of the Italian Independence War. The Terme Antica Querciolaia rises in the centre of the town, here there are baths, hydro massages, aerosols, inhalations, nebulisations and mud therapies furthermore the Centre is able to offer a functional Rehabilitation Centre.
About two kilometers in a southerly direction from Rapolano are instead the Terme San Giovanni, the sulphurous-bicarbonate-calcium spring of Terme San Giovanni is recognised to be the particular efficacy for various pathologies: for example, those of osteo-articular origin, dermatological pathologies and those of the respiratory and auditive systems.

Serre di Rapolano, a medieval village built on the top of a small hill that looks from above at the plain of the Sentino, abounding in a vegetation and tilled fields, was already the residence of the imperial governors and one of the castles to fall back within the plan of territorial expansion undertaken by the Sienese.

These villages lie in a territory characterized from a landscape unique in the world. There is no photographer, film- amateur, or wandering artist who has not been intrigued by the erosion furrows and Jura limestone, tha sunny but tremendous splendour of the crete, They change colour in every season. This area is characterized from numerous artistic beautifulness such as the Monte Oliveto abbey which dominates the Accona desert .
But the most important thing is the gastronomy, represented by three big products, pecorino cheese, olive oil, wine. The cooking is poor and is handed on from our country culture, based of bread without salt, olive oil and tomato, but also rich of resoluted tastings.
Culture and art are immersed in every surroundings, going out for a walk too.
The position is a good starting point for tours and trips. The spectacular Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbey is just 10-15km far from the apartments; Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza can be reached in less than 30m by car.

Discovering Tuscany

- Discovering Tuscany
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